Your NFT project needs as much online presence as possible to succeed and our WGMI plan is the perfect way to increase exposure and discoverability.

Enjoy all the following benefits for 10 days:

  • 1 Sidebar Ad slot
  • Featured NFT Project Listing
  • 3 project page update
  • Advanced project page SEO
  • Priority Listing
  • Priority Verification


It includes:

  • Featured NFT Project Listing
    • Featured listings are displayed in the Spotlight Carousel beneath our Homepage Carousel. Randomly shuffling between the Featured projects listed, your project listing will also be crowned by a “Featured” tag to let everyone know you mean business in this NFT game.
  • 1 Sidebar Ad slot
    • The Sidebar holds a few ad spaces, your project will be placed in one of those spaces and will rotate be shuffled in a random order with other advertised projects.
  • Priority Listing
    • Skip the queue and get your project posted on our NFT drops calendar before everyone else. You can still have your marketing campaign start at a later date.
  • Priority Verification
    • Skipping the queue again and getting that Verified status quickly grab the attention of potential investors.
  • 3x Project Page Update
    • Having some flexibility to change details such as dates and prices can greatly help you adapt your project to the market and your community. Enjoy up to three free updates with this plan.
  • Featured NFT project listing
    • Featured listings appear on the Spotlight Carousel underneath the Homepage Carousel, and on the Featured page. Our visitors love knowing teams are investing in their project’s marketing and asked us to build this feature to find such projects.
  • Advanced SEO on your project page
    • Image optimization
    • Facebook sharing metadata
    • Search tags
    • Customized URL slug
    • Search engine optimized page title
    • Customized meta description
    • Schema description