18 Apr 2022

Zpunkz is an collection of 8888 unique Zpunkz, algorithmically generated, giving you the opportunity to own a fraction of Bluechips NFTs. 1st NFT project to reward holders with passive income via Bluchips NFTs trading. 🔥 🔥 🔥 Fundamentally what we do ⁉️ We bring in fractional NFT ownership by holding Zpunkz. ZPUNKZ – The NFT DAO FUND. Fractional assets you can own: – Bluechips NFTs (Crypto Punks, BAYC, MAYC, CyberKongz) – Metaverse Real estate and lands ( Decentraland, Sandbox, CUBE, Cryptovoxel, etc…) – Emerging up to date NFTs gems ( HAPE Beast, Prime Ape Planet, etc…) Benefits: – Backed $ZPUNKZ token rewards (Passive income) – Governance and votes – Exclusive events & Networks

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