Well You


17 Feb 2022

wellyouNFT’s Courageous Children are the foundation for the Happy Nation. This collection represents unique NFTs of children engaging in their favorite trendy activities, dressed up in cool costumes, future dream professionals, and role models. The Happy Nation is a place where you can meet your new best friend, engage in community activities, and do good to yourself and others. Once you are a citizen, you receive your very own passport that can be filled with stamps of your achievements. You can choose any role to improve on or advertise yourself and be part of this community governance (IRL & Metaverse). You get multiple benefits such as resale royalties, commercial royalties of the NFTs used in the wellyou products, free NFT drops from the second collection – Wonderful Women of the Happy Nation, and free access to the wellyou programs. We also host unique giveaways, competitions, and scavenger hunts, where you can win more NFTs. Depending on the NFT minted, you also get to be part of the elite Ambassadors Club with exclusive benefits. We will give back to the community through supporting small NPOs/NGOs that work towards helping children from our primary sales (at 50% sales). Also, we have established the Happy Nation Fund to promote NFT artists in the space that support a social cause at every quarterly stage of our primary sales.

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