We Own Sea


16 Mar 2022

We Own Sea, also known as the W.O.S. Club is an awesome 3D NFT project of 7777 Sharks. This is the only 3D shark collection in the NFT world to date, with a long-term vision! They are designed by a well known French studio with a large production fund to produce a very high quality collection with a lot of details. Each Shark is unique and programmatically generated from over 170 possible traits, including skin texture, head accessories, clothing, etc. All sharks are of exceptional quality and full 3D, but some are even rarer than others. The Sharks are stored as ERC-721 tokens, on Ethereum blockchain. The mint will take place on Opensea in March 2022. Holding a Shark gives access to privileges and luxurious gifts, drawn among the holders. The founders of the project decided to create an NFT collection that is in the top 5 of the most beautiful ever created and are very meticulous on the smallest details. And they are truly committed to making this a long-term project, greatly rewarding their community and charities. Generous donations will be made all along the project thanks to partnerships with associations for the protection of marine animals.

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