VertexSkate – Skaters Club


04 Apr 2022

VertexSkate – Skaters Club What is VertexSkate? VertexSkate is a collection of 1234 Unique 1/1 Skateboard NFTs, That will be used in our VertexVerse as skins in our Games and for staking and Will give you the power to Vote on Our projects Future Via Discord, The project is Community Driven and Focuses on creating a Community for likeminded people! Phase 1: 🛹 Phase 1 will include a minting stage of 1234 Unique Skateboards that you will be able to stake on our Dapp, we created a smart contract for Staking both our NFT’s and our VRTX Token 🛹 After the minting will complete we will release our Staking Dapp for staking Both VRTX Tokens and VertexSkate NFTs 🛹 All earning will go toward

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