18 Nov 2021

Through a ragged hole in reality crawl 9,999 Toddlerpillar NFTs generated from 888 mind-bending traits, including 60 ultra-rare 1/1s! The collection continues the twenty-year history of artist and gallerist Jon Beinart’s renowned doll sculptures, imbuing them with fresh psychedelic energy from award-winning artist and madman, Tim Molloy.

Toddlerpillar holders join an inter-dimensional art collective with access to global gatherings, exclusive airdrops, IRL collectable toys, jewellery & merch.

Each Toddlerpillar holder can summon a free Chimerapillar NFT from our companion collection in the second quarter of 2022. Members who hold both of our NFTs will be rewarded with access to a 100+ page graphic novel exploring our lore.

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