The Creative Friendz Club


27 Feb 2022

The Creative Friendz Club is a project launching the first alpha collection of 5555 NFT we call Friendz are coming! Join the Creator Focused and community-driven project. The founders of the project are all doxxed. The project was funded by Orlando Pedro @orlandopedro_ coming from a finance background, startup founder, and content creator. The project artist is German Gonzalez (@_germangonzalez) He is a graphic designer and digital illustrator, living and working in Medellín, Colombia. He works in fashion, music, and mostly in the editorial field. His clients and collaborations include Adobe, Wacom, Netflix & Stranger Things, Doméstika, AirBerlin Magazine, and Bacánika Magazine. The roadmap is simple, and does not overpromise. The project aims to create a utility to holders via partnerships, recognized artists collections, a platform for creatives and expand that utility in the 2.0 version of the roadmap with a Beta collection, a DAO-launchpad, tokenization of the platform, and vault to support other creative projects (originals, no derivatives – from artists only). There are also metaverse/gaming plans in the future. 5% of the proceeding will be donated to environmental conservation and animal protection causes. Join the club and the conversation. No grind, slow living server.

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