Taunt Battleworld: Genesis Skull Pass Drop


26 Feb 2022

The Genesis Skull Pass will give you rights to a Taunt Battleworld Genesis Acolyte Warrior and many other perks. Only 2,500 Genesis Skull Passes will ever exist and they will generate the most long-term value of any Skull Pass ever created. The Genesis Skull Pass will include: One randomly-generated Genesis Acolyte One entry into an exclusive Genesis holders-only Blood Money Brawl in the future One randomly-generated item in the future Multipliers on Engage-To-Earn Special Whitelist Access for certain Blood Temple Sales and exclusive fighter drops Priority access to exclusive Taunt Battleworld merchandise All Genesis Skull Pass Holders will be eligible for an all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas to tour the Blood Money: Preseason production set. A stealth snapshot of all Genesis Skull Pass holders will be taken at an unannounced date to airdrop $TAUNT tokens Quantity: 2,500 Genesis Skull Pass Mint Cost: 0.1 ETH Location: Only place you can mint is directly on www.playtaunt.io Every wallet will only be allowed to mint one Genesis Skull Pass during WL. Please note all Genesis Skull Passes will be minted on Ethereum as ERC-1155 tokens. There will only be 2,500 Genesis Skull Passes ever made. The first 2,500 Genesis Acolyte Warriors can only be obtained through the Genesis Skull Pass. After all 2,500 fighters are revealed, they can be purchased on secondary marketplaces.

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