Syndicate Discord Contest


20 Feb 2022

Hello guys! The first giveaway on our Discord is about to start! Soon we will have our first NFT dedicated to the Olympics minted. Every NFT will be unique and will bring its owner a lot of luck and profit If you want to be part of our future project, take part in our raffle, its rules are very simple: you need to invite as many people as possible to our server, the winners will be many and will get the following rewards: First 20 people who have 250 invites will get a guaranteed Golden NFT and $500 in SOL tokens (at the rate at the time of the draw) First 1000 people to invite 15 new users will get 50% discount on our NFT and the right for the first mint. 500$ in SOL tokens will be sent to the winners after our NFT are minted.

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