20 Feb 2022

“Your access to monetisation of digital wearables for your avatar, bundle NFTs to save on transaction fees using the Solavatar deflationary token and selected cryptocurrencies. – About Solavatar game 1-A Blockchain VR Metaverse 2-Room Browsing / Basic Matchmaking / Land building 3-Cross-platform profiles with tracked stats and leaderboards 4-Avatar Customization, who have NFT 5-Third-party Map Editor w/ 75+ community maps playable 6-AI-driven bots for practicing solo or with friends 7-Training maps with stationary and moving targets 8-Multiple Locomotion Modes to accommodate any type of VR player 9-Buy and customize your own land. Build anything you envision. -Benefit 1-Those who are holding in NFT will get Land an airdrop 2-early access for our game beta 3-1000 wallet the will get whithlist for public sale event token”

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