11 Feb 2022

SAINTxDMON: Origins is an exclusive collection of 1,111 Champion NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The collection’s art features an iconic pop-art style that has never seen before. The traits list is extensive with 3.4 Billion possible combinations, essentially making each NFT a 1:1 collectible. SAINTxDMON was founded by two brothers from New York City and is backed a community of NFT Collectors, Community Leaders, E-Sport Athletes and Artists. The project introduces the first interactive comic book experience to the NFT world, where players will be able to make decisions in order to conclude to hundreds of different endings. At the fundamental level, the project offers a DAO with 100% of Royalties going back to the community and an $SXD with extensive utility. Future plans include staking, metaverse integrations, a mythical creature collection, and breeding mechanics. In short, the project offers an innovative approach to the NFT world as never before seen.

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