Rider Ape Mountain Club


15 Apr 2022

🚨 **CRAZY PROJECT WITH GIVEAWAY $300,000 IN ETH** 🚨 What is Rider Ape Mountain Club? 📌 The collection of 5,000 unique and algorithmically generated apes that brings snowboarding and skiing fans around the world together! 📌 3 giveaways for $300,000. 150 Rider Apes owners will share the prize among themselves in ETH. 📌 DAO Wallet. We will have a royalty of 7.5% on each resale of the Rider Apes and raise capital for further giveaways between community members and the project development. 📌 Metaverse for Rider Apes. When we reach full sales, Rider Ape Mountain Club will enter the Metaverse and owners will have exclusive access to our NFT world!

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