Rich Donkeys Club


15 Mar 2022

? Rich Donkeys Club ? A 6666 unique NFT joining the Metaverse. We are giving away Whitelists to the first 100x members who reach 10+ invites ? OUR GOAL ? ?Being rich is about money and fame, Which means: ✅ When we reach 10%: 1️⃣ Payout to all discord DGANG winners ? 2️⃣ Free nfts will be given away as appreciation ? 3️⃣ The winner’s name will be listed on the discord leaderboard channel ? ✅ When we reach 50%: -Purchase a Casino/Castle ? in the metaverse ( Decentraland or The Sandbox) exclusive for the DGANG rich Community ✅ When we reach 100%: -Start a marketing campaign: 1️⃣ Song from a famous artist ? 2️⃣ Release a brand/merch for the Community ✨ 3️⃣ Advertise, Holders will sell for a high price ? In addition to that, there will be: Events, Games, Parties, Giveaways and much more ?

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