Real Face NFT


05 Mar 2022

We live in a world where we communicate with emojis, and our social media photos are filtered to show the most “beautiful” versions of ourselves. Real Face was created by Alana Tsui to remind us that wrinkles, pimples, and big noses all still exist, and if we normalize them on emojis, maybe we can show our real faces in public again. 7753 unique Real Faces in the series – 1 in a million for the 7.753 billion people on the planet (at the time of inception of this idea). Alana Tsui is a global mural artist with works in New York, Hong Kong and Auckland. NFT holders will be first to be invited to Alana Tsui’s shows, gallery openings and art parties. NFT holders will receive special access at all Alana Tsui mural locations – existing and any new locations painted in the future. Refer to treasure map on website for locations & details.

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