Pop Art Cats by Matt Chessco


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29 Jan 2022

Scientists have recently discovered a new world inside the metaverse. In this world, they have found 10,000 mysterious and colorful cats. The cats are living a simple life in which the popular culture and beautiful art prevail. As this new world unfolds, the cats are looking for owners, homes, friends, and stuff to own.

What are Pop Art Cats?

Each cat is a unique artwork created by famous artist Matt Chessco. 10,000 cats will be available in total, split between the pre-sale and the public sale. Cats not redeemed in the pre-sale will be available during the public sale. All cats traits and attributes will be generated randomly and revealed 24 hours after the collection is sold out.

You can unlock your access to the pre-sale by joining the whitelist. By joining the whitelist, you will be able to buy NFTs at a reduced price. There are only 3,000 spots on the whitelist at this time. Join the Discord to find out more.

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