Non-Fungible Comic Book


11 - 16 Mar 2022

Holders of Non-Fungible Heroes, Villains and Gods are eligible to mint the first NFH comic book for free! 

Every story needs a champion: and thus the Night Ape was born, our protagonist and first Legendary Character, the urban hero that our story deserves. Together, our community and artists have worked tirelessly to bring this universe to you, a testament to the power of collaborative storytelling. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

The free mint will open Friday, March 11, and holders have until Saturday, March 19 to claim. We will be taking a snapshot on Thursday, March 10 to verify ownership. 


 Hold 1x NFH Hero, Villain or God = You can mint 1 comic 

 Hold 2-9x NFH Heroes, Villains or Gods = You can mint 2 comics

 Hold 10x or more NFH Heroes, Villains or Gods = You can mint 3 comics 

To read the comic, starting on Friday the comic will be published in the holder-only area of the NFH Discord. After an exclusive holder-only week we’ll publish the comic for the world to enjoy. 

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