Ninja Clan


06 Mar 2022

We are a united community of Crypto Ninjas whose mission is to hunt, analyze, and invest in emerging projects that are poised to change the blockchain industry. Ninja Clan NFTs are a collection of 5,555 unique characters created from over 100 traits. Some trait combinations are ultra-rare, occurring only once. All Ninja Clan NFTs are custom-generated, registered on the Ethereum Blockchain and can NEVER be altered. By joining this ultra-exclusive NFT project with unmatched utility, you will gain access to an incredible community of crypto enthusiasts. Our investment research tools save you massive time and resources helping to find projects that have been audited, KYC’d, and interviewed across multiple blockchains. Not to mention our NFTs are your pass to be invited to our exclusive meetups, monthly competitions, lottery prizes and much more! Leveraging the power of the community, NFT owners will be positioned to access private sale & presale investment opportunities for projects that are in the crowdfunding stage. Think of it like our very own launchpad!

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