Needz Beez


22 Mar 2022

Needz Beez NFTs are a collection of 8000 digital art pieces of the world’s most prominent bees minted on the Solana Blockchain. This collection is based on 4 beehives: the bumblebee, leafcutter bee, honeybee, and the killer bee. Our unique artwork has 8 properties, 4 of which are 1-of-1, with more than 100 traits reflecting the exotic nature of bees on which human existence depends. Needz Beez is a venture launched by nature enthusiasts paving a new culture in the NFT community by fusing charity with utility benefits. This revolutionary collection will launch from The Hive on March 8th, 2022. Get your hands on the collection at a presale price of 0.5 Sol or a public price of 1 Sol per mint once released.

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