Metaverse Monster Club


12 Mar 2022

MMC is a Collection of 5,555 Monsters breaking into the Solana Blockchain. Our Destination is Monster Island metaverse that will be built on land in the Solice metaverse. We will be listed on Magic Eden and Solanart. We are also in constant communcation with a representative from OpenSea to be one of the first collections listed when Solana is accepted. HODL Staking Rewards Program will begin 4 weeks after Secondary followed by Launching the DAO Voting Protocols. Next step is 3D Metaverse/VR friendly avatars to match your NFT and developing Monster Island. Monster Island will be an exclusive “destination vacation” inside the metaverse. A large portion of the land will be devoted to an adventure theme park consisting of several roller coasters, Ferris wheel, Destruction Derby pits, Go-Kart Raceway, minigolf, etc. All activities will require token usage. The remaining areas of the land will be used for a MMC Holder only area, Island Sales/Merch, Promotional ad space to generate revenue. Everything on the island will use our Island token for currency which will be able to be purchased and used at each vendor station. This same token is what MMC holders will earn while staking their NFT. A percentage of all profits generated from Monster Island will be given to MMC holders and will be determined in the DAO at a later date.

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