Mellow Dogs by NonFungible Dad


05 Mar 2022

4,444 of the Most chilled out Mellowest Dogs, Looking for a home on the Ethereum Blockchain! Mellow Dogs act as a way to grant utility in the form of a pre-collection to an ecosystem being built from the ground up and is designed for sustainable growth. Supply: 4,444 Public Mint Price: 0.02 Etherium What utility will Mellow Dogs Have? Whoever Owns the (1of1)s will gain a Free Mint for ‘The Non-Fungiblez’ 200 Holders will be WL for ‘The Non-Fungiblez’ drop Exclusive Giveaways Exclusive Merch Future utility within ‘The Non-Fungiblez’ storyline and ecosystem A discord role and access to alpha, calls, and other information from the team and other holders. Mellow Dogs was created as both a passion project for the founder of the Non-Fungiblez as well as a thank you to early adopters and joiners of the Non-Fungiblez ecosystem. As mentioned above Mellow Dogs will have utility in whitelist access for holders for The Non-Fungiblez and collaborations with other projects.

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