Koala Gangsters


06 Feb 2023

1,666 For Free / 556 for 0.01 Eth

Using ERC-721A for save Gas-Fee

Mint : April 23 00:00 UTC

A gang was formed by Koalas from Australia’s Gold Coast. Starting of KoalaGangsters

They now take over Australia and make their way into the world! ๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿš€

Don’t be fooled by their cute looks!

They hide the ferocity hidden behind their cute looks! :holynaruto::holynaruto:


โœ… They are looking for new gangsters to join their journey into the world through FREE MINTING!

Don’t miss the chance to conquer the world with them!

Also, keep an eye out for their progress๐Ÿ‘€! You never know what events and collaborations await.

Our Koala gang NFT is a 2,222 pixel koala gang NFT project.

We’ll make NFT’s characters into memes and run several businesses with our characters as mascots.

You can buy and own our Koala Gang NFT and we will return the profits to everyone who owns it.

This is our direction.

We plan to make many fashion items by turning our Koala Gang NFT character into goods.

Step 1

– The Koala Gang team will use 10% of the project’s profits for NFT incineration.

– The Koala Gang team will use 10% of the project’s profits for marketing.

– We plan to issue emoticons for messenger applications with our koala gang NFT characters.

– We will keep 10% of royalties required for future projects and link them with other NFT projects.

– Koala Gang NFT’s merchandise store will be opened and there will be T-shirts, hats, accessories, and posters. Wear a hoodie! Profits from the online store will be reused for marketing.

Step 2

– The project of Koala Gang NFT is linked with the metaverse.

– Events for holders will be held on the metaverse.

– Collaboration with other NFT projects will also take place within the metaverse.

– A giveaway event for owners will be held on the Metaverse. Please note this.

Step 3

– Koala Gang NFT posters and T-shirts will be provided to all OG members.

– We will give a prize of $1,000 to 5 owners randomly selected on Discord.

– We will give out flight tickets to Australia’s Gold Coast after 3 owners are randomly selected on Discord.

Don’t miss Free MINT!

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