Kaiju Kidz


05 Mar 2022

Kaiju Kidz is a collection of 5,000 beautifully crafted pixel art NFTs that represent the first internal collection of The Daycare Kidz, which was created alongside the genesis Abandoned Kid Kongz collection. Stemming from a rugged revival, a lead community team of internal developers and experienced businessmen have delivered on their promises to create immense opportunity from nothing by establishing an active DAO and community wallet and entering early-stage stackable staking development. Each Daycare project will provide unique utility to their holders including voting rights in the DAO treasury, stackable stacking, future whitelists, free mints, merchandise, giveaways and future access to the interoperable Web3 pixel metaverse! Staying true to our roots and mission, a large charity donation will be made through the DAO to a foundation that supports underprivileged children and/or foster care facilities.

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