iNFiniTy ft. AZRAQ


15 Apr 2022

iNFiniTy ft. AZRAQ” Azraq is an art of fabric printing known to be authentically practiced in the rural parts of Sindh for the past 4000 years. Royals like Alexander the Great and King Tut are reported to have used it in the past. Passive Income Utility: The biggest APR in the history of NFTs – est. 79% Here is a breakdown of how this will come into play: – 80% Mining Farm ( BIG. Miner) ⛏️ – 5% NFT Investment/Trading 🖼️ – 5% Crypto Trading 💲 – 5% Other Opportunities (Nodes, etc) 🔒 – 5% Liquidity/Emergency Stack 🆘

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