HexaHero NFT


25 Feb 2022

HexaHero’s Hero NFT is a collection of 2,000 randomly generated virtual Heroes across 5 different rarity levels. The Heroes can be used to battle in HexaHero, the premier play-to-earn game for the MetaGaia metaverse. In the year 2048, robot battle tournaments have become the most popular spectator sport in the galaxy — drawing engineers, scientists and designers from all over the universe to compete using their skills and wit. HexaHero is a tournament where teams build robots to compete for fame, glory, and cash prizes. Once you get a HexaHero’s Hero NFT, you can: – Use it as Hero in HexaHero – Gain early access to MetaGaia – Use it as Avatar in MetaGaia – Use it in other upcoming games in MetaGaia – Get whitelist priority for upcoming $METG IDO

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