Happy Bunnies


17 Feb 2022

Happy Bunnies are 1500 non-fungible tokens on the Solana Blockchain. Each Happy Bunny is generated with a unique set of traits with varying rarities, making each bunny exclusive. Your unique Happy Bunny will double as your ticket into the Bunnyverse. Long-term plans include a unique digital-pet P2E game, token development, a 3D collection, a short bunny series based on the 3D collection, and breeding of the bunnies integrated into the game. In-game upgrades and assets will be tied to each individual bunny, increasing their value on secondary marketplaces. With the extent of the plans for the Happy Bunnies project, the majority of the money made from selling the collection will go back into the project to make the plans a reality in the highest quality. The royalties will also be collected to create a community fund to better the project, with agreement from our holders on the decisions we make.

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