02 Apr 2022

We plan to unfold our roadmap gradually. Here’s a short recap of what’s going to happen on our mint stages. ✶ EMPOWERMENT: we are donating 10% of our sales to funding emerging female artists and developers in the NFT space. ✶ BIG GUNS: we’re announcing the minting of HapeWives by two women celebrities who are already whitelisted for their invaluable contribution to the project. ✶ MERCHANDIZING: a deal announced with a Triple-A women’s clothing brand to bring HW fashion to life. ✶ REWARDS: All HapeWives Genesis NFT holders will start generating $HW (no staking needed) which can be used for future NFT drops, merchandizing and more. ✶ FUTURE IS FEMALE: We are building a name in women’s digital fashion that will be turning heads and setting trends in the metaverse!

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