Fundaes NFT


27 Feb 2022

Fundaes is a community driven collection of 5555+150 (team, marketing & giveaways) NFTs. Fundaes NFTs are made up with over 100 traits. Each Fundae is a unique, non-fungible token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Fundae has been hand-drawn by the legendary artist @LRDSMZ with over 200k followers on TikTok and someone, who has a deep passion for everything art. Fundaes consist of the most sought after traits and rarity, plus more to make each FUNS unique. We want to build the strongest community, where holders have a collaborative voice in the direction of the project. Holders of FUNS will have the ability to vote on the allocation of the funds in the treasury, which will be seeded with $150,000, after public sale has ended. We want to ensure the community has complete transparency in every decision that is made. We sincerely want to make a difference not just in the NFT & crypto space, but also in the real world. We value every single community member which is why our roadmap is all about giving back, not just to our holders, but also to those who need it the most. We have done extensive research to ensure each aspect of the roadmap fits our values and what decentralisation stands for.

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