Fluffy Pigs


20 Feb 2022

?Fluffy Pigs is a 3.769 pigs collection. ? Fluffy Pigs drop will be on ⏰ February 20th ⏰. ? The drop will be done on Polygon blockchain and will have 3 main steps: 1️⃣ Public free mint (?) up to 719 tokens limit and up to 3 tokens max per address. 2️⃣ Immediately after the 719 limit is sold out each fluffy pig will have a cost of 0,02 Eth (30 MATIC) for the 3.000 tokens left. 3️⃣ After sold out or 48 hrs. later (what happens first) metadata will be revealed, and provenance records will be upload on the web page to match provenance record set on contract deployment. Fluffyverse and fluffyland is here to stay and to evolve into huge things! Great utility is being developed to increase the longevity of the project! Stay tuned! Join us in Twitter!

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