03 Mar 2022

eBrotaci are little frogs that live on the #Elrond Blockchain. “Brotac” is a romanian word that means frog. ? The basic utility of the project consists in donating a percentage of 15% from the total amount of sales to NGOs both in Romania and abroad. For starters we’ll target NGOs that work the conservation and saving of the environment, but also those that fight for the salvation of endangered species and the conservation of their ecosystems. In the long run, we want the area of NGOs we work with to expand, so that we get involved in as many as we can. This includes NGOs that help NGOs that help people which are suffering from diseases that require expensive treatments, those NGOs that fight for women’s rights and much more. Supporters / participants / buyers / hodlers will also benefit from this project in many ways, also they will have the opportunity to participate in giveaways. They will also play an important role in the development of the project and the direction in which it is heading. ? The second part of the project will start after the sale of the first 1000 NFTs in the collection, this consists in enlarging the team to make a crypto game based on eBrotaci. Those who purchased an eBrotac in the first phase of the project will be able to exchange that NFT for another eBrotac that will be available in the game. Those who own multiple NFTs should know that the exchange is only possible for one of the NFTs they have in their wallet. More details about the game will be made public throughout the evolution of the project.

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