Crypto Rocks


07 Mar 2022

What are Crypto Rocks? Since Gary Ross Dahl in the 1975s invented pet rock the relationship of humans with rocks would not be the same again, our researchers and scientists noticed the benefits of having a pet rock but these had a problem being so coveted people who stole the rocks from pets who entered their homes and took them out of their gardens, rooms, etc… leaving them heartbroken and alone, we know how difficult it can be to remove the rock from your pet, that’s why we decided to place them in a safe place where we can guarantee that it will be yours and no one can steal it we upload it to the blockchain!!!!! Now, with our new 3D Crypto Rocks in low poly designed by our artists and scientists who have the backing of the NFT, we create the perfect combination, our NFT collection is planned to create 3333 of these Crypto Rocks. What benefit does having a crypto rock bring me? Crypto Rocks and lotteries It will be a memorable company and a faithful companion, apart from this The Crypto Rocks have particularity and that is that they love the draws, they love to do and be involved in them that is why we decided that the moment the crypto rocks have a home and are revealed an automatic draw will be made thanks to the smart contract where each of our rocks will have tickets for contests. In total we will raffle 10% of the profits of the collection at the time of being revealed, we know that it is not enough so we find a way to continue doing raffles with our Crypto Rocks so every month we will continue to make raffles of 50% of the royalties collected in the collection to a lucky owner of one of our crypto rocks, Getting them to continue doing their raffles and be happy, experts say that having crypto in your wallet attracts wealth and prosperity to whoever owns it.

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