Crypto Celestials


05 Mar 2022

Crypto Celestials is a collection of 5,555 randomly generated, hand-drawn NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain consisting of more than 210+ unique traits, including several ultra-rare 1/1 Feral Celestials. Joining the Celestial family means you will get a chance to win a Cool Cat + Cool Pet NFT worth 14 ETH, and a way to passively earn on your celestial since 70% of all royalties will be distributed back to the Celestial community wallet! 10 lucky Celestial holders will also have a chance to be IRL airdropped a physical replica of their minted Celestial as a plushie! Crypto Celestials was founded by a team of three fully-doxxed siblings who have been working for months to create memorable art and an incredibly genuine community. We welcome all crypto/NFT enthusiasts no matter how new you are to our community to be part of one of the most hyped projects of 2022. ?

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