Cronos Goats – Bad Billy Goats


08 Mar 2022

We are Cronos Goats, Be Legendary! We will be releasing a Limited 1000 piece collection of our Bad Billy Goats on March 8th as an initiative to teach people about Cronos Network, and fill your wallets with rewards! Every Bad Billy Goat Minted gives you access to a 1:1 airdrop from our Cronos Collection(Minting late March), as well as weekly airdropped $CRO rewards to your wallet. Our Games and Lottery system will generate the rewards for holders, as well as 50% of royalties going back to holders. Our OG Goat Collection Minted and Sold out immediately on January 18th, on Ebisusbay Marketplace. We have implemented our own one of a kind staking platform for our holders, and a one of a kind lottery system is on the way(March 9th). We have already built an amazing community and would love for you to come join us. Reach level 5 in our Discord to get in on our Pre-Sale Whitelist!

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