22 Feb 2022

Sociostudio was born in 2022 to illustrate social events and developments. A handful of cronies come together to create works of art that aim to make an impact on the NFT world and around the world for the benefit of society through art. Our main goal will be to have a place in the world public opinion with our drawings that emphasize the freedom of people and reveal the spirit of decentralization. We will put into practice “creative processes” in an effort to change the world as a method of protest. Our works are created with handmade and digital arrangements.

Covmonsters, on the other hand, is a criticism project for which future predictions are made for the world, taking into account all the problems caused by infectious diseases, but it also contains facts. You can read the story of Covmonsters in our NFTs. Sociostudio works only present their unique collections on the Ethereum compatible Polygon network for now.

“The passion for destruction is also a creative passion” ― Bakunin

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