Boom Babies


10 Mar 2022

? Charity Boom babies is a project that is built on the beliefs that every baby born deserves the care that they need, no matter the circumstances of their birth, so that they can live a life just like you. We believe that through the power of collaboration we can helps and improve on this matter together as a community! With Boom Babies we will give at least 30% of the money raised to a charity fund that will help babies born pre-maturely to increase their chance of survival and give them hope. ? Raffle We also want to improve your life, the heart of our community, and to emphasise this we will raffle 30% of the raised money back to 5 randomly selected token holders. This means that with each token you hold, you increase your chances of winning. Besides this we are actively hosting giveaways so be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter and Discord.

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