19 - 21 Mar 2022

3D HD Movie & Audio NFT

– The Atomic NuclearNFT Project has been designed with the purpose of solving future energy problems, such as the promotion of safe and efficient nuclear power technology and the establishment of nuclear power plants for countries that need nuclear power technology.

– We will build a private membership community by developing a DApp program that only Atomic NuclearNFT holders can access.

– We will build web3.

– We collaborate with real estate metaverse and P2E game companies in France, Korea, and the Philippines.
By owning a certain amount of land in the real estate belonging to the real estate metaverse, the holders can use Atomic NuclearNFT as an energy source in the metaverse.
The energy source is supplied to the cities connected by the metaverse, and land in the metaverse is automatically deposited into the DeFi system.
We plan to create a system that will redistribute the profits from the DeFi deposits to Atomic Nuclear NFT holders.

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