Antisocial Horses


26 Apr 2022

Antisocial Horses are a hand drawn unique collection of 10,000 NFTs living in the Polygon Blockchain. Each individual Antisocial Horse is carefully curated from over 100 traits, along with a 50 piece special collection of incredibly rare 1/1s that have traits that can’t be found from any other Antisocial Horse and are all pop-culture theme inspired. Our vision is to create an amazing project that will bring lots of fun and utility over time, as well as lots of Metaverse Integrations! ✨Staking✨ 🎁Giveaways🎁 💸Charity Donations💸 🌐Metaverse Integrations🌐 🐴Breeding🐴💰25% of Special Collection Mint Funds given back to the Community💰 🤝Collaborations 🤝

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