Alpha Wolf


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28 Feb 2022

The Alpha Wolf is a community of wolf lovers & NFT collectors. The Alpha Wolf NFT Collection is a limited collection of 3.333 wolves on Solana Blockchain, with 123 attributes & 8 traits in 4 classes: 5% Alpha, 15% Beta, 30% Omega, & 50% Delta. Alpha Wolf Fund – The First Solana NFT Index Fund was created with 80% of our whole first minting. The Alpha Wolf Fund is managed by the Alpha Wolf DAO. All gains will be split evenly among Alpha Wolf NFT holders. Not only would holding Alpha Wolf diversify your portfolio with all blue-chip NFT on Solana, but it will also get you private access to the Alpha Wolf DAO, where you may vote and meet like-minded people. Other benefits include VIP whitelisting, token airdrops, giveaway admission, NFT giveaways, in real-life meetings, private investor club membership…

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